Jul 182011

Another first for us this year is playing at a DubFest.  For the uninitiated it’s a meeting of Volkswagon enthusiasts in a field somewhere where all things VW occur along with music and general larking around.

It was also a first for the Devon DubFest team as it was the first one they’d put on.

Sadly we missed Saturday night as we had a previous engagement in deepest darkest Devon but were around for the rest of the time.

Friday was great, my first ever experience of silent disco’s and a silent band – very odd – but it actually worked ok.  It’s really weird hearing the interaction of the crowd with the band – take your headphones off and it’s just the crowd singing along with the band you can see but can’t hear!  If I was honest I’d say that I would have preferred a traditionally amplified band, but I know that the restrictions placed on the organisers by the venue and council prevented this.   The silent option was a whole lot better than nothing!

We played on Sunday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you again to the crowd, small but friendly and vocal!  Our hour went by all too fast so we’d be up for a longer set next time!  Thanks to kind facebook/forum comments below.

The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and as usual at this kind of affair the campers were friendly and fun to be around.

So once again a big thumbs up from us.  The same again but at a venue that allows us to be a bit more noisy next year please!

A big shout out to Zoe and the DevonDubFest team for a fantastic job in the face of adversity – onwards and upwards guys!!!

baydreamer from Exeteraircooled said:

Excellent entertainment – Loose Cannons were spectacular and Scooby Doo on the saxophone made two little people’s day! (The children were quite impressed too).

goody gumdrops also from Exeteraircooled said:

… As for the Loose Cannons. ….Full marks for getting the likes of them on board. Brilliant.

DevonDubFest facebook comments

by gnats chaffey

May 012011

Just got back from a great weekend at the first ever Maypole beer and music festival at Thurloxton.

So a big thanks to James and Jo for sorting that one out and making us so very welcome, and to Benni Jamin and Jamie for providing their usual high standard of sound & light for us (and the rest of the bands too!) .  But you guys in the crowd were the best!! Thank you especially!!  We love it when people are up for a party.

The standard of music was also really good, some cracking bands and musicians there.  I particularly enjoyed The Man from F.U.N.K.L.E, Groove-a-licious, Hannah Partridge (who also did a song with us on Saturday night), Junk Star Kids and The Fos Brothers.  Thats not to diss the other acts who were on, I didn’t see a duff show all weekend.

AND IT DIDN’T RAIN even though there were storms just up the road in Exeter and a mighty fine time was had by all although there may be some cider commandos who can’t remember too much.

So that’s a big thumbs up from us, long live the Maypole beer and music festival!