The Loose Cannons Band
John Pierce
John can force such a mighty gust down the trombone that he can part your hair at 50 paces and perforate your eardrums at 32 miles. He is currently being sued by Ian and Brent for hair loss caused by close range puffing. In self defence the band stuff his trombone with dirty underwear and sellotape up the end. Occasionally this backfires and everyone finds crusty pants/socks in their beer. You have been warned...
What people say ...

What an absolutely fantastic band in every way. We booked you because we wanted a great dance after the Wedding Blessing celebrations at Dartington. From the start you were all so helpful and we came to hear a rehearsal and were completely hooked! Your set-up fitted around our day and when we came in to the Wedding Breakfast all was ready and looking very professional.

A thirteen piece band like yours looks very impressive but when you began to play it was brilliant. People were up on that floor the minute the "First Dance" ended and the dancing continued all night. The sound you make is so good and everyone said you were the best band they had ever had at a party, wedding or anywhere. I have to admit to being unable to sit down in case I missed another great number. Some of the family who never dance were up there bopping away. Your interaction with the guests was fun, your outfits (especially the sparkly jackets) were appreciated and when you mingled with the guests on the dance floor and continued playing, it was such a laugh.

I would like to say a massive thank you for making our day even more special. I wouldn't hesitate to book you again. In fact I'm desperate to book you again ! All our friends and family also send their thanks and best wishes and wish you all Good Luck for the future.
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